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Neck and Back Pain


Arm/Leg Pain - Sciatica






Menstrual Cramps


Shoulder Pain


Kids, Too!


"Feel Better, Live Better…Naturally!"

 Patient Reviews -**See Patient Testimony Page for more!**


Jeff R. - Dr. Olenik is a fantastic chiropractor. He always knows what the problem is and fixes it as well as gives me great stretches and exercises to help keep me pain free between visits.  I've been to many different chiropractors and Dr. O is the best I've ever seen.  He's genuinely interested his patients and very caring.


Steve F. - I have been a patient of Dr. Olenik for years and I am always very satisfied with the treatment I receive. He is always happy to listen to questions and concerns and he is always very patient and gives thorough answers.  Unlike other chiropractors who rely on tools to make the adjustments, Dr. John is always hands on and provides a specific and exact adjustment just where it is needed.   Dr. John is the Best!


Patricia G. -  I started going to Dr. John after i fell and hurt my back.  He is so caring, compassionate and thorough. I felt better after a few sessions, and I continue to go for adjustments because it helps me feel better overall. He is truly a genuine person


Connie T. - Dr. Olenik has been wonderful for me and my children. He answers all of my questions thoroughly, explains the entire process and teaches us about the body, bones, stretching and how to remain healthy. 


Mary I. - Dr. John and his team are the Best! They all go above and beyond for their patients every visit. I am so thankful for All-Health Chiropractic Inc. ~ They have changed my life!

Mary C. - Having suffered for many years with low back pain and being referred to a physical therapist with No avail and No relief... I finally went to Dr. O from a friend referring him to me.  Dr. O was understanding and really listened to my concerns. He knew just what I was talking about! After his thorough evaluation, he began to treat my condition.  I can't thank him enough! I feel like a new person! His staff is very caring and helpful. I really look forward to my adjustments! Thank You Dr. O! You are the best!

Tracy H. - Hands down by far the best chiropractor in town. I have been going to Dr. O for many years and he always takes time to list and access my needs.  I can't say enough great things about the care he provides tome. Love him and his office staff!

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