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Neck and Back Pain


These are the 2 most common reasons people seek out chiropractic treatment. Our office treats all types of neck & back pain, ranging from mild discomfort to extreme pain. Dr. Olenik has over 20 years of experience & specializes in treating neck & back pain by utilizing gentle adjustments, muscle therapy, hot & cold packs, as well as home exercises to achieve relief, correction & restoration at the source of the problem.   


Maybe you have been told to take a pain pill or anti-inflammatory. This type of treatment, while possibly giving temporary relief, only addresses the symptoms but it does not fix the CAUSE of the pain. This often results in on-going discomfort, the need to take daily medication or a reoccurring flare-up shortly after stopping use of medication.


This is where chiropractic is the difference maker! Have you ever asked yourself, “What is causing my pain?” or “What is causing my inflammation?” Well, did you know that in an average day over 50,000 movements take place in the spinal joints from the neck to the low back? Because of these constant movements, the effects of gravity, your job, using a computer & numerous other factors, your spinal vertebrae are subject to subtle misalignments just like the car that you drive every day gradually goes out of alignment. These subtle misalignments of the spinal vertebrae are usually The CAUSE of your stiff sore muscles, decreased range of motion and varying degrees of pain. Once the vertebrae are out of alignment it can lead to further problems such as muscle spasms, pinched nerves and bulging discs. 


It is a misconception if you think you have to live with nagging discomfort, morning stiffness or pain that is constant all-day long.  Don’t become part of the growing statistic of people in this country who live with neck or back pain!


Feel Better, Live Better…Naturally!



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