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Although you may never have associated pregnancy with chiropractic, the benefits that this All-Natural form of health care provides cannot be understated. During the 3 trimesters of pregnancy dramatic changes are happening to the body on a daily basis. Some of these changes include the shifting & alignment of your spine and pelvis in response to increased demands on the core of your body.  It is not unusual for a pregnant mom to think that she has to live with an aching back until the baby arrives. This couldn’t be further from the truth!  Chiropractic adjustments will not only provide wonderful relief, but they are gentle, safe and most importantly All-Natural & drug free!  


Another fantastic benefit of receiving chiropractic adjustments during your pregnancy is that it will help you to have a shorter labor & smoother delivery!  If you think this sounds too good to be true, check out our testimonial page and read the story of one mom who compares her 1st delivery without chiropractic to 3 additional ones with chiropractic.  You may be wondering, “What makes this possible?” The reason is that the nerves that originate from the lumbar spine are the ones that send signals to the ovaries and regulate the production of hormones. Consistent adjustments during your pregnancy remove any interference to these nerves which will keep the hormones @ ideal levels. This will consistently shorten the length & intensity of your labor.  In addition, these same adjustments will also help keep your spine & pelvis in alignment to better assist a smooth, direct pathway for the baby to exit the birth canal.


One final condition very common for a pregnant woman to experience at some point during her 3 trimesters is “Sciatica” (please see the Arm/Leg Pain-Sciatica link) or a pinching of the sciatic nerve. This can produce burning, numbness or a variety of pain radiating down your leg.  Being that chiropractic is a natural drug-free form of treatment, it is an ideal match to help provide relief & help you have a positive experience leading up to the delivery.

Dr. Olenik’s many years of experience taking care of pregnant moms and seeing the bundles of joy that shortly follow are one of his most rewarding experiences in practice!        



Feel Better, Live Better…Naturally!

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