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Chiropractic Works!


Please find below some of the many success stories that our patients are happy to share.  Whether you have had chiropractic treatment in the past or seeking it's benefits for the first time, we hope this encourages you of the high quality of care that our office provides for each patient. 


Got My Life Back!

     I have had chronic neck pain for years. One morning I woke up with constant cracking in my neck and severe pain radiating into my head and upper back.  I am ever so grateful for the care that Dr. Olenik has given me.  He has given me my “quality of life” back, which is PRICELESS!

     Prior to my treatment I couldn’t golf and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to perform my job. My condition today is “AMAZING”! I feel better than I have in 10 years. Dr. Olenik has completely resolved my neck and upper back issues.  During the course of treatment, he also addressed a low back problem. I am now pain free with full range of motion. I am working, golfing and working out. I feel like “ME” again!

     I wish I could tell anyone & everyone who suffers from pain about Dr. Olenik. He has worked miracles on me!!!

                                                                                 Jill S. - Brecksville

No More Pain!

     I came to Dr. John Olenik over 10 years ago with constant lower back pain that was sharp, debilitating and would travel through my right hip & leg. I also had frequent headaches. Prior to seeing him, orthopedic medicine and physical therapy only temporarily masked my pain and I did not want to pursue surgery as had been recommended.

     I often describe my satisfaction with Dr. Olenik as one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made! It wasn’t long into treatment with him that I began to feel relief of all my pain and had increased mobility. My headaches are literally non-existent today. Continued maintenance adjustments have kept me pain free & able to perform physically challenging activities.

     Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I often recommend Dr. Olenik to others. He and his staff give you undivided attention & are very welcoming.

Dr. Olenik has a gift – No Doubt!

                                                            Mike C. – Garfield Hts.

Delivery :)

     I am a mom of 4 kids. During my 1st pregnancy I tried to do everything right. But when I went into labor it was long & suddenly dangerous. I ended up going into a seizure and the umbilical cord was wrapped around my baby’s neck. After 23 hours I ended up having an emergency C-section.

     During my 2nd pregnancy I was hoping for a better delivery and did not want to have another C-section, which is usually a standard procedure after you’ve already had one. I had heard that chiropractic could help your pregnancy & delivery go smoother. Dr. Olenik came highly recommended, having helped other pregnant moms. After having a consultation with Dr. O I felt completely confident in his abilities.

     He gently adjusted me through my entire 2nd pregnancy and I felt great. When it came time for delivery my labor went SMOOTH and I delivered a healthy girl WITHOUT a C-section! Wow, I was so happy!!! This labor experience was completely different from my 1st delivery. I also received regular chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Olenik during my 3rd & 4th pregnancies. As you might imagine, these deliveries went just as well as my 2nd one had!

     To this day I get regular chiropractic adjustments & even have my kids get adjusted. Whether you are pregnant, looking for pain relief or simply want the healthy lifestyle that chiropractic offers, I highly recommend Dr. Olenik. I know that he will take care of you as well as he has taken care of me!

                                              Melanie P. - Brecksville

It's A
Family Affair!

     I had been suffering with low back pain and my wife was trying to live with neck & upper back pain, as well as, a chronic upper respiratory infection. We just had the birth of our first baby and this was no time to be in pain while trying to take care of her needs. So I called Dr. Olenik’s office and made an appointment for both myself and my wife.

      On our 1st visit Dr. O took the time to listen to our complaints and then did a very thorough exam.  He explained to each of us where the CAUSE of our problem was coming from and it made perfect sense.  I could tell he really wanted to help us.

      It didn’t take long before my low back started to feel better and I could work through the day without nagging pain. Not only that, but I could enjoy picking my baby up without always having the concern that my back was going to “go out.” Sure enough, my wife started feeling better too, and wouldn’t you know it, her breathing improved as the adjustments helped take the irritation off of the nerves that control her lungs.

      We really enjoy coming in for our visits to see Dr. O. The office always has a warm & welcoming environment with a staff that wants to help.  Because chiropractic is completely NATURAL and provides wellness for the whole body, our daughter has even received several adjustments during her 1st year of life. We always recommend Dr. Olenik to others with confidence in his ability as a top-notch Doc.

                                                                                           Clif F. - Northfield   

Here's a few More Patient Reviews!


Paul G. - I have been a regular adherent of chiropractic care for close to 40 years. When I moved to the area from out of state a year and a half ago, I had to find a new Chiropractic Caregiver, and I sure have been extremely satisfied with the care that I have found with Dr. Olenik.  I highly recommend Dr. Olenik to anyone who is looking for good care. You will Not be disappointed!


Charles V. - Dr. John is the Chiropractor's Chiropractor.  Yes, I am a Chiropractor as well.  I drive 30 minutes one way from Eastlake.  Dr. John adjusts and treats areas that no others can get.  

Brian K. - Dr. John O is amazing. 100% recommend him. Even though there are Chiropractors on my side of town, I drive 45 minutes to specifically see him.  He's helped me more than any other Chiropractor I've seen before.  

Heidi J. - I started to go to Dr. Olenik for neck stiffness and back spasms almost a year ago and today my back and neck feel great! When I get occasional tightness, Dr. Olenik teachers different stretching techniques to help keep the stiffness away. He and his staff are very friendly and efficient. I highly recommend Dr. Olenik for all of your chiropractic needs!

Carla G. - My husband, son, daughter and myself have been going to All-Health Chiropractic for the past few years.  Best Chiropractor we've ever gone to in 31 years.  Dr. Olenik is very thorough regarding any problem areas. He's gentle, caring and is really able to provide relief. We highly recommend All-Health Chiropractic and Dr. Olenik to anyone with neck and back issues.

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