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Kids & Chiropractic


          Is it possible for kids to receive chiropractic adjustments? The answer is unequivocally, yes!  Think of the human anatomy; the spine contains 24 movable vertebrae, 2 movable bones that make up the pelvis and a sacrum or tailbone.  This structure is exactly the same in an adult as it is in a child.  When properly applied, chiropractic adjustments are gentle, safe & effective.


The spine is under constant strain & demand - this is true no matter what your age!  It is @ the center of the body & is the main source of support for all the other muscles & bones.  It is also the main source of movement so we can bend, twist, run, jump and sometimes even fall.  Sounds a lot like things kids do, doesn’t it?  When the body goes through this day after day, it causes the vertebrae in the spine to shift out of alignment.


So you may be wondering, “What are some other reasons that kids would benefit from chiropractic?”  That’s a valid point.  Did you know that just going through the birth process is one of, if not, the most traumatic physical event we will experience during our life?  The position and pulling on the baby’s head & neck during delivery often causes misalignments in the vertebrae.


Check out this list of other conditions which chiropractic has been proven to help:

  • Ear Infections – All Natural treatment cures & prevents flare-ups

  • Colic - "Unexplained chronic crying?" You'll be amazed!!!

  • Growing – the vertebrae shift out of alignment when growth occurs

  • Allergies – cause irritation to the nerves which causes symptoms

  • Slip & Fall – How many children experience these???

  • Running – Jumping – Tumbling

  • Sports

  • Poor Posture


If you want your child to experience optimal health, consider having them get their spine checked for proper alignment. Set them up for a healthy life and avoid future problems down the road.  Chiropractic makes a world of difference!


Feel Better, Live Better…Naturally!

ear infections, growing pains, scoliosis
children, chiropractic, ear infections, scoliosis
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