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low back pain, headaches, cramps, holistic
low back pain, neck pain, headaches, cramps, natural

Menstrual Cramps


If you’re wondering how chiropractic could help this condition…just read on. The method for treating menstrual cramps works in the same way as treating a “non-spine” condition like headaches. When a patient receives precise, specific chiropractic adjustments it helps the entire body work and function properly-the way it is supposed to. That is why our slogan “Feel Better, Live Better…Naturally!” goes hand in hand with the chiropractic lifestyle.  It relates to the holistic method of correcting THE CAUSE of a problem as opposed to only treating the symptom or pain.


In the case of menstrual cramps, the spinal nerves in the lower back control the ovaries and female reproductive organs. When a vertebra is out of alignment (it only takes 3-4 millimeters) it can pinch or irritate the spinal nerve. It is very common when someone suffers from intense menstrual cramps and/or irregular cycles, a spinal misalignment will be found in the lower back.  This misalignment causes “pinching” or irritation to the corresponding spinal nerves which interferes with how the ovaries work.  When the ovaries aren’t able to work the way they’re supposed to, the end result is one or more of the following: intense cramping, bloating, heavy flow and irregular cycle frequency.


Similar to treating someone during their pregnancy, it is AMAZING to experience the transformation and benefit all-natural chiropractic provides.  No longer will you have to suffer for one week out of every month.  Your quality of life will be better and you will be happier.  Chiropractic works-try it you’ll see the difference it makes!


Feel Better, Live Better…Naturally!





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