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sciatica, numbness, burning, aching
sciatica, numbness, stinger, burning, all health chiropractic

Arm & Leg Pain / Sciatica


Most people have heard of the term “Sciatica.” Sciatica refers to a pinching or irritation of the Sciatic Nerve which originates in the lower back & runs down the leg. It can cause various forms of pain ranging from burning, numbness, tingling, aching or throbbing. These symptoms can be felt in one or more areas of the buttocks, down the leg into the ankle & even the foot. 


Similar pain sensations in & down the arm very often are due to pinching or irritation of the nerves that originate in the neck.  It is not unusual for athletes in contact sports such as football or wrestling to experience this commonly referred to as a “stinger.”


These nerve irritations can affect any person & any age group.  Very often subtle misalignments of the spinal vertebrae are the source of the problem causing inflammation, swelling & irritation to the nerves. Dr. Olenik uses the most advanced & specific forms of treatment to help remove the irritation to these nerves helping the body heal naturally, safely & effectively.    



Feel Better, Live Better…Naturally!




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